Fish Report for 6-28-2018

Photo Credit: Royal Star Crew


Tim Ekstrom

Though production was slim all enjoyed a fine day along the coast variety fishing in beautiful settings and flat calm conditions. Not in the market for big numbers the easy pace was taken in stride as we spot prospected for something special to compliment our fantastic catch of quality yellowtail. A couple of “chromes” did spice up the morning visually confirming that our stated quarry was more than fairy tale. Otherwise the action was limited to a few more bonus “premium” yellowtail and surprisingly reluctant kelp bass considering the conditions that we had to work with.

Done with the variety leg offshore tomorrow will be the final push as we play an all in hand on our final day. Some very encouraging information came across the wire late setting a destination for our efforts tomorrow. It appears that the few school size yellowfin around the local grounds have now blossomed into a zone large enough to produce legitimate opportunity. One score in particular indicates that change for the better has definitely arrived. Between those and some of this bluefin finally getting back on the biting program the prospects for the upcoming three day July 8th - 11th are ripening. For those sitting on the fence keep it in mind. There are still a handful of spots open and beckoning. If the weather cooperates we are going to get our shots at both species of tuna offshore.

Photos today feature Royal Star angler John Russo and long time Royal Star friend and veteran Lannie Woulff with their beautiful “Chromes” landed along the kelp line while working up the coast.

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