Fish Report for 6-26-2018


Tim Ekstrom

Boy one could feel the change today right out of the gates. Slack current - no movement motivated nothing to bite. To say nothing may be a little extreme; we did manage to land a handful or two of nice yellows and a another of goobers and hogfish. The good fishing on jumbo yellows however wasn’t happening, and wasn’t going to. That ship had sailed, for today anyway.

On the bright side such poor conditions and production made it very easy to depart. A clear conscience is a good thing in such circumstances; no hounding doubt or haunting misgivings. To everyone on board it was crystal clear that a move was in order. Now heading for greener pastures, we hope, it’s back in the saddle by tomorrow dawn seeking something, anything, better on the inside. The bonus beautiful weather continues to grace our ride making every physical exertion pure joy. Photo today features Royal Star and BlackWater voyage veteran Ken Higa and Captain Drew Rivera with Ken’s fat, 45 pound class yellowtail landed Monday.

On a closing admin note that July 8th - July 11th three day voyage still has a handful of openings available. The local offshore grounds continue to offer real deal opportunities at jumbo and school class bluefin tuna, and everything in between. No doubt those bluefin will be the primary objective on that voyage while we mix in some yellowtail action along the coast and/or offshore associating with kelps. Give Tracy or Brian a call if you are interested or book on-line.

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