Fish Report for 6-29-2018

Almost ready

Tim Ekstrom

In fine weather, much better than anticipated, we chewed up morning miles in search mode finding nothing to pull back the throttles for. By mid afternoon the ocean transformed however offering a handful of chances that were consistent for the well established pattern of late. Some very good bunches of this school size yellowfin were located by a number of us but ironically they wouldn’t get with it and bite either. Go figure. In the end we landed a few more than a few, had a couple of shots, and, at the very least, felt that we were in the game offshore tuna fishing.

Based on what we observed today, and what our colleagues on the water above us accomplished, I can assure all offshore angling enthusiasts that much bigger and better things are staging. It is just a matter of time before both species of tunas are abundant and available in the local zones.

Closing this chapter in the Royal Star story we headed north when the bell chimed indicating that our time in the arena with this annual June Blackwater group had come to an end. Well satisfied with the results from the hand we were dealt one and all return with a beautiful catch that will be remembered among families and friends in gourmet form for many months to come. Photos today first feature new Royal Star angler Glenn Woods and his beautiful grade offshore yellowfin, then anglers Jerald Poe and Tim Sheridan with a couple of sweet, ridge grade yellows landed three days prior.

Tomorrow is a turn day with Captain Brian “Gerbie” Sims slated to lead the charge on the long awaited annual “Barking Spiders” eight day voyage. Look for Capt. Sims’ reports to continue as offshore and coastal fishing develops right on schedule.

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