Fish Report for 6-27-2018

Epic Pluggin'

Tim Ekstrom

An epic morning of surface fishing for 20 - 25 pound yellowtail in perfect conditions. Flat calm seas, warm but not too hot, easy fishing current carrying baits away handily, and plenty of bites for those that did make it into the zone. Admittedly though the zone was rather broad. Combined with all those conditions I deem perfect the showing of big yellows crashing around the boat was as good as one can imagine. Eruptions everywhere from right next to the hull to a quarter mile away were common for at least three hours offering ridiculously ripe opportunities for the “pluggers” to live their dream. Many a well placed cast produced spectacular results as not just one or two but hoards of frenzied big yellows tore up the surface in pursuit of the “iron”. What a morning of fishing; the best of long range fishing as we know it.

Saving room for a few more yellowtail if we desire, though most don’t, we headed up and out just before lunch passing the afternoon in search mode while covering ground toward tomorrow’s destination. Variety fishing is now on the docket. We’ll spend some time along the middle coast prospecting for upcoming voyages while providing valued rail time targeting trophy yellows, seabass, and perhaps even a few calico’s. Photo today features Royal Star angler Bryan Tada with one of several beautiful yellowtail he landed on the plug.

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