Fish Report for 7-20-2020

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Royal Polaris Sportfishing

The More Rail Time, The Better Your Odds

Royal Polaris Crew

Hello Everyone! Today was another day with nice clear skies and 15 knots of wind. Yes the wind made it a little bumby, but once again it was more than manageable. The Bluefin were being typical Bluefin, mostly show with not too much go. We hopped aound a few diefferent areas today fishing Foamers/ Bird Schools. Though these Bluefin were being very picky we did manage several 25-40 pound fish on a good live bait, many came off a long soak either sinker rig or fly-line. Those getting bit were those who stayed patient throughout the day making sure they had a good bait in the water every stop. The more rail time, the better your odds! Aside from these bluefin we also came across a couple kelps kicking off a toatal of 57 Yellowtail. Overall today was a fun day of fising with a great group of people and we will see what the ocean has in store for us tomorrow. Until then, safe travels and good luck to the the Royal Polaris!

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