Fish Report for 7-19-2020

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Royal Polaris

And We’re Off!

Royal Polaris Crew

Hello Everybody! Today we left San Diego bay on our three day trip. We made it to a zone of foaming Bluefin by 1:30 pm, but these fish seemed to be all show no go, though we did manage one solid 60 pound fish. We kept moving throughout the afternoon in hopes of a nice evening bite. We made it into a new zone with a couple nice Foamers and several large Flat Spots after just an hour of travel. We scored another solid fish on a Foamer. Right around sunset we manged a couple more 30-40 pound fish on a big Flat Spot. The weather started off nice with not too much wind and clear skies, but as the day went on the wind was definitely a serious factor in the evening hunt for fish as it grew to 18 knots. Though it was a little bit of a bumpy ride, the conditions are more than manageable for fishing! Until tomorrow, good luck and safe travels to the Royal Polaris!

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