Fish Report for 7-18-2020

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Royal Polaris

Icing on The Cake

Royal Polaris Crew

Hello Everyone! Today we woke up in a new zone on our travels north towards home. Right away first thing we found several biting bird schools of 15-25 pound Yellowfin tuna. Everybody was easily able to get bit, so this morning was the last chance to to make sure we have all the fish we need. The rest of the day we traveled north in hopes of one last kelp or sign of some different fish, but the new area covered was dry. This morning was definitely icing on the cake for this trip! Overall this has been an amazing trip with an amazing group of people! We are now heading straight to the bay with clear skies and smooth seas. Until next time, good luck and safe travels to the Royal Polaris!

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