Fish Report for 8-1-2014

American Angler Fish Report

Bill Roecker

"After an eventful day of productive bluefin tuna fishing yesterday, we made a short move to join in on the local yellowfin grounds. We woke up to beautiful weather, started with a few warm up stops which??got better as the day went on and then going from spot to spot on 18 to 25-pound yellowfin making mayhem. Laughs and cheers were all shared to remind us why we enjoy doing this. Now with a few tuna notches on our belts we are continuing south in search of a different species.

"Doctor Mike Uyeki shows off one of his beautiful tuna with a big smile."

Down South

Excel had the report for July 31:
"70 mixed fish on day one! The Excel checked in this morning with an update from the Sogioka 7 day. We got 70 mixed fish on our way out. We started seeing fish at nine miles. It's kind of cool catching fish on the first day. We are down South and are looking for Yellowfin Tuna on the kelps. Today we slid down a little and are just now starting to get into an area of bird schools and breaking fish. Hopefully we can put another good day together. We will check in tomorrow!"

Action, Jackson

Intrepid skipper Kevin Osborne wrote July 30:
"We enjoyed a fantastic day of Yellowtail fishing yesterday. The grade of fish was a very solid 20 to 30 pounds as well. It was just the type of action that we were looking for, great biting fish all day long! At day's end we had all we wanted and drove away from them still biting! We are now on the move again and hope to top off our already great trip with a few more nice sized Tuna."

Hit The Mark

Royal Polaris filed two reports, the first on July 31:
"Excellent Yellowfin tuna fishing today! They are 12 to 30 pounds, and we also managed to catch 14 big Bluefin in US waters, most of them between 60 to 80 pounds but one of them was about 100 pounds! The next day's report said: "We are on a drift this morning in US waters with 10 Bluefin tuna so far at 60 to 80 pounds, and another one around 100 pounds. Still drifting!"

Schoolies & Bluefin
"We spent the day working up the line," wrote Royal Star skipper Randy Toussaint August 1, "scratching at school yellowfin tuna with a few good stops late in the afternoon. Not much else to go with them so we'll be in US waters trying to finish up the trip tomorrow with bluefin tuna" "Ann Van Dyke is in today's shot with a 76-pound bluefin tuna taken early in the trip in US waters."

Hunting Schools

Shogun posted July 31:
"Last night we set the sea anchor on a nice school of tuna, hoping that it would build under the boat at night. By morning a nice school found the boat and we began soaking baits.??Nothing materialized out of the first school, but we located the next batch in short order. It was a very nice morning of fishing;??we lost some fish, but several nice stops including one for 60 fish had us with 120 yellowfin by lunchtime.

"The afternoon was a different story. We found several schools that responded to the chum and hung with the boat, but yielded no bites. From several miles away, we found a pod of porpoise marching west. It took us awhile to catch up to it, and when we did, it was holding a giant school of yellowfin. The excitement was short-lived as we hooked nothing trolling through it and only managed a handful of baitfish after setting up ahead of it.

"Tomorrow we are hoping to exploit a weather window and make a jump out to the west. We have a full day of fishing and plenty of bait. Wish us luck."

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