Fish Report for 8-18-2022

Soft Steel 8 Day Return

Bill Cavanaugh

We returned home this morning with a beautiful catch of Yellowfin, Yellowtail, Dorado and Wahoo. We had excellent Yellowtail fishing to start off our trip with a few Yellowfin mixed in. Our next day was spent Targeting Wahoo but unfortunately we were only able to scrape up a few. We made a move when the writing was obviously on the wall and we connected on good grade Yellowfin. We spent the next day targeting 15-30# Tuna before we decided to move to the Alijos Rocks. We spent our day targeting Wahoo and pieced together a nice day. We made our way up the beach and finished our trip catching some nice Ling Cod and Reds. Huge thanks to Tony Garza and all of his generous sponsors for making this trip happen. We depart on our Catchy 5 Day today and we are excited to get back out there.

Captain Sam Moore and the Intrepid Team

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