Fish Report for 8-15-2022

Yellowfin and Wahoo

Bill Cavanaugh

We speant our last few days targeting Wahoo and Yellowfin. We woke up in the morning after making a move South and started trolling around as soon as the sun came up. We got the Wahoo located fairly quickly but it waas short lived. We managed to scrape up a few of them trolling around and on bait rigs but the volume was not there. Afterwards we switched over for Tuna but it was no where to be found. We caught a little bit of Yellowtail on the shallow but the Tuna were a no show. We made another move to a different area and we arrived on scene around four in the afternoon. We were greeted with jumping Tuna everywhere and we got right to work. We experianced excellent Yellowfin fishing with great surface action on jigs and wide open fly lined action. We are making another move now to finish our trip down South to try for more Wahoo. We will check in later.

Captain Sam Moore and the Intrepid Team

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