Fish Report for 1-31-2021

When Will It Get Better

Royal Polaris Crew

Hello everyone;   Things out here are about the same, slow on the Yellowfin tuna, good on the Wahoo.  I’d say better on the Wahoo today.  The Yellowfin did make a decent showing in the afternoon.  We saw life, fishing jumping around the area.  So things are starting to look up for us. 

The weather is about the same, overcast, chilly, and very little sunshine.  The Yellowfin were all in the same size range, 50 to 70 pounds, but we did land a few over the hundred pound mark today.  

We did hook a few better one’s but the taxman did us in.  All the Wahoo are nice size, mostly in the 40 to 50 pound category.  

So not much more to report, but we are hoping things are on the upswing for this area, because I don’t know how much Roy can take, before he pulls a fish out of his hat again.  So until tomorrow, wish us luck, team R/p.

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