Fish Report for 2-2-2021


Royal Polaris Crew

BANG!!!  What a day we had today.  Good things come to those who wait, and boy did we wait it out.  I was wonder how long Roy could sit in one spot.  Now I know.  We had excellent fishing in the morning on 50 to 70 pound fish, with a few in the 100 pound range, but by mid-afternoon, the quality started to show.  It all started off with a 255 pound cow, landed by Richard Deloach.  This would be Richard personnel best, and yes he took the RP shower with a smile.  We would land many more fish in the 130 to 170 pound range.  Jim Tellarico would land a beautiful Yellowfin, around 170 pounds, just a beautiful fish.  The sickles on this fish went all the back to the tail.  The Wahoo did a no-show today, but that’s fishing. 

Weather wise, it was a beautiful day, light breeze, just enough to keep the kites flying, with balloons, and we did get some sunshine today, and it was welcomed with open arms.  We have one more day, before we start heading for home.  We are hoping for a repeat of today fishing tomorrow, so wish us luck and we will keep you posted on our daily events.  Until then, good luck and good fishing.  Team R/p.

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