Fish Report for 12-6-2020

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Royal Polaris Sportfishing

“What Time Is It”

Royal Polaris Crew

Hello everyone;    “What Time Is It”  It’s Yellowtail time.  We had an excellent day of Yellowtail fishing.  Believe me when I say, excellent, I mean WOW.  We started catching Yellowtail around 08:00 hours, and caught until we had nobody else to fish.  We had 8 to 10 fish going for most of the morning.  The Yellowtail were in the 12 to 20 pound range, with most being around 15 to 16 pounds.  But the big surprise, was the goat fishing (sheepshead).   Before the sun came up, the goats were on a roll. 

We departed the area around 10:00 hours, and we are now headed to the Bluefin ground, to finish off our trip.  With some good reports we are hoping to put the icing on the cake.  We’ve had good fishing for the trip, now it’s time to try and catch a few trophy’s for the jackpots.

Tonight some of the passengers are having a barbeque up top.  We are having some Mako, Whitefish, Sheepshead, and some red meat (lamb, Pork, Beef).  Now that’s what for dinner.  I just had a piece of Mako Shark, man was that good.  Weather today, was a bit chilly, but sunny and clear.  Flat seas for the ride north.  Not much more to talk about, so until tomorrow, wish us luck.  Team R/p.

If you would like to go fishing with us please BOOK ONLINE or call (619) 226-8092 to get in on the action.

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