Fish Report for 12-5-2020

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Royal Polaris Sportfishing

Wahoo, Yellowfin, And Yellowtail Move In

Royal Polaris Crew

Hello everyone;  Well things are looking pretty good down south.  We had another good day of fishing.  We had a potluck of fish today.  We caught Wahoo, Yellowfin, and Yellowtail, but it took most of the day for the fish to start biting. 

Most of our Wahoo were caught in the morning hours, as the afternoon kicked out the Yellowfin and Yellowtail. Most of the Yellowfin were in the 12 to 18 pound range, as the Yellowtail followed suit.  The Wahoo were still in the 30 to 40 pound range.  Good ridge fishing. The hot action was from 1500 to dark, and again we ran out of horse power. 

Weather continues to be good, but the wind did kick up a little this afternoon.  Most of the day was sunny and warm, with clear skies.  We are now headed north, as we start our move towards home.  So with that report, and until tomorrow wish us luck.  Team R/p.

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