Fish Report for 11-21-2020

Greatest show on water

Tim Ekstrom

A fine morning of wahoo fishing replete with the usual calamities and hijinks that make this style of fishing the most memorable of long range. Rest assured that if there is a way to lose a fish, on any kind of rig or gear, wahoo will expose and exploit the flaw with maddening efficiency. I almost get the sense at times that they laugh at our futility enjoying the frustration they elicit with cartooninsh delight. They are the ultimate tricksters; sly experts in cracking even the most stoic veneers. I've seen many a journeyman angler reduced to standing aside talking to themselves after dumping four, six, ten of the ladrones in a row. Believe me I've been among them. Anyone who has fished for wahoo long range style for any length of time has too. 

That said persistence prevails. Overwhelming force and pure will to push through the challenges are what lead individual anglers, and Captains and crew, to successful outcomes. We set to it today with full focus accumulating a fine bunch of the devils now resting in perfect state in 31 degree Farenheit seawater. Combined with fine weather and working conditions we can't muster a complaint. A bunch of action fishing in the form of school size yellowfin kept things lively when the wahoo moved off the shallows. Taking all into account we'll invest at least one more day in the lower zone targeting ridge classics before heading north. Good times abound. Photo today features yet another long time friend Royal Star angler John Finneran with a fine example of the "primo" grade wahoo targeted today.

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