Fish Report for 5-21-2020

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Tim Ekstrom

An update from the front lines as the latest guidance from the bureaucracy indicates that we (Royal Star) will be green lighted to run in phase three of reopening. Phase two allowed retail businesses and restaurants to open today. There is a concerted effort by SAC and the San Diego City and County governments to move toward phase three on an accelerated schedule.

That said we are sadly relegated to sitting out Memorial Day weekend for the first time since I can remember longing for our shot at the massive quantities of Bluefin close to home. Rest assured that when the time comes we will get our shots. Meanwhile we ask Royal Star anglers on upcoming voyages to hang tough with us as we wait for good news. We will honor each scheduled voyage as long as possible only cancelling when we must.

If/when we do cancel voyages Royal Star will provide 100 percent refunds to those anglers displaced. Anglers may also choose to forward their deposits to any future Royal Star voyage. The new, Summer/Fall 2021 schedule will soon be posted on line for those interested. 

On a final note we are keenly aware of concerns that some have expressed regarding angler safety once on board Royal Star. We have established policies to address these concerns to the best of our ability. While there is no way to eliminate risk in any activity we are very hopeful that a reasonable, easily administered, rapid test for the Covid-19 virus will become available in the near future. This would be a “silver bullet” allowing everyone on board the ability to make their voyage relatively free of concern. 

Until then however we will proceed with our schedule guided by common sense, knowledge, and shared responsibility. There are plenty of fish out there. We are ready to get ‘em! Enjoy today’s image courtesy of David Itano.


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