Fish Report for 3-30-2020

Royal Star update

Tim Ekstrom

To all Royal Star anglers,


As stated in the previous post current events dictate our policy looking forward. Foremost is our concern for the safety of Royal Star anglers. It is a sacred responsibility that we honor in every facet of our operation. 

The Covid-19 virus has upended all of our lives to say the least. Until the climate improves we are forced to the sidelines. Or, in the case of Royal Star, literally tied to the dock. Back in the water and ready to run we wait. The upcoming Chris Yamada 12/15 day voyage has been cancelled. The safety of our clients and crew is too important. The fish will have to wait.

There are some changes to our cosmetic maintenance projects that were scheduled to be completed this year. Needless to say the prospect of zero income for an indeterminable amount of time elicited a hard stop in all elective spending. Rest assured Royal Star anglers that our girl will be 100% plus, as always, in the mechanical department. She will be seaworthy for any condition and mechanically sound. But she may sport a few exterior blemishes uncharacteristic of our style this season. Such is the reality of this crisis. Like most small businesses we are doing our best to keep our crew/employees financially solvent while eyeing, with great concern, rapidly diminishing cash reserves. 

As time marches on I will keep all informed via the Royal Star daily narrative. Also Tracy, Randy, Brian, and I will be available at any time by phone. We are happy to discuss current events, upcoming trips, or anything else related to fishing. Needless to say we have an abundance of time on our hands. Tracy will be in the office and/or working remotely five days/week. 

In closing we want to assure Royal Star anglers again that our decision making process places the safety and well being of those in our charge foremost. We will NOT compromise when it comes to this sacred responsibility. Looking ahead we are hopeful that this crisis will abate within the next 4-6 weeks. After that, with new cleaning and sanitizing procedures in place, the Royal Star 2020 Summer/Fall schedule will commence UNCHANGED. Huge gratitude from the entire Royal Star family is extended to one and all. We wish everyone safety, strength in the face of adversity, and strong health, love of family, and vitality. Together as one.

Enjoy today’s image as our beloved Royal Star is on the lift heading for her home on the water.


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