Fish Report for 11-8-2019


Tim Ekstrom

A slight adjustment on the fly this morning after receiving reports that our primary destination crapped the bed. Damn. But, and thank goodness for it, the secondary option, that has been producing the majority of the wahoo this season, was made available by good weather and conditions. Hopscotching our way down from paddy to paddy, that thankfully weren’t too few and far in between, we scratched up slightly more than a couple of handfuls of nice wahoo and looked at thousands of dorado that we elected to bypass until later in the trip.

Placing the quality of our end product over the immediate desire to clobber the readily available dorado is prudent at this stage. A little less time in the RSW tanks is far better for that particular fish. And, right now anyway, there have been enough dorado around to instill confidence in our ability to find them again. We’ll see.

Tomorrow we’ll start in tuna mode searching for the missing beauties that have graced the upper end of the ridge over the past month. Maintaining optimism that the complete disappearance of the fish yesterday was a fluke rather than a trend we head into the cauldron eyes wide open. 

Photo today features Royal Star friend and angler Bryan Cortez with his first “skin” of the voyage.

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