Fish Report for 10-23-2012

The Strikeforce 10 Day Tackle Trip aboard the Independence returns with a great catch of mixed fish

Bill Roecker

The ten-day Strikeforce Tackle trip aboard Independence with skipper Jeff DeBuys and chartermaster Alex Mobile seemed to hit all the spots at the right time, and returned with a great catch of mixed fish, including tuna up to 104 pounds from a secret southern spot.

"Epic," was DeBuys' description. "It was a typical ten-day trip: very good for yellowtail and yellowfin to over 100 pounds, with great wahoo action. You can throw in a bunch of big bull dorado. "There are changes going on down there than make it look good for big ones. We hooked a couple of fish that spooled 50-pound gear. It was about as good as a ten-day gets, and we dodged the storm Paul."

Chartermaster Mobile agreed. "A great trip, the weather was good seas flat, and great wahoo action. This group worked well together, and got limits of yellowtail and yellowfin.

"Many of the yellowtail are being donated to the Jewish Adoption Foster Care Option is Sunrise, FL, courtesy of Dr. Seymour Lesonsky." Dr. Lesonsky had one of the two best fish on the trip, a 103-pounder, but it wasn't eligible for the jackpot. The doctor now lives in Anza, and posed in the honorable mention position. "Half the kids there aren't Jewish," he noted.

Mobile also posed, with a 104-pounder caught by jackpot winner Ruben Brasil. Brasil won first place for an 82.8-pounder he got with a sardine on a 2/0 ringed Owner Super Mutu hook on 40-pound Seaguar Premier, 40-pound Izorline and 65-pound Power Pro spectra. He fished with an Avet reel (he didn't know the model) and a six and a half foot Super Seeker rod.

Eric Wahlrab of Carlsbad won second place for a 71.4-pound tuna, and Paul Brasil won third place for a 65-pound wahoo.

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