Fish Report for 7-5-2010

SFR & Purfield's Pro Tackle INDEPENDENCE 5-DAY TRIP

Bill Roecker

ELEVEN ON THE IRON FOR YOUNGSTER (070410)!!! Paul Strasser and Kyle "Rooster" Karcher brought Independence home to Pt. Loma Sportfishing after a five-day trip on July 4. The trip was a long-standing charter by Purfield's Pro Tackle, and owner Richard Schaffer was aboard as chartermaster. "This was a group of mellow anglers," said Schaffer," and the skipper made great choices. Benitos was right even with the bad seals. We found good quality Yellowtail both a Cedros and Benitos." Homan Khaki of Sportfishing Report and Camarillo won first place for a 36.4-pound Yellowtail he caught on a Tady 45 in blue and white. "I saw the fish crashing," he said, "so I tossed out the jig, and he hit it right away. These were good old quality Cedros Yellowtail" Khaki said he used 40-pound Izorline on an Accurate BX-2 600N reel with a Seeker Ulua nine-foot rod. Fred Lee of Rolling Hillsgot a 35.4-pound Yellowtail for second place. Don Padick of Altadena and Sportfishing Report won third place for a 32.8-pound Yellowtail. Eight-year-old Dylan Cook of Menifee fished with his dad on the trip. It was only his second trip, but he pegged 11 Yellowtail on the iron, mostly with Salas 6X Jr. jigs. He goes to Evans Ranch School, where he plays first base. He drilled the Yellowtail, but posed with his Bluefin Tuna.

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