Fish Report for 7-10-2024


Alex Natipadab

Boy, last night was a good night. Lots of tired bodies this morning as we roll in to our destination in search of Yellowtail. Couple anchor jobs later we were engaged in a rather slow pick on 18-25 Yellows, despite the slow action the fish put on a great show boiling around all around the boat for hours making us believe it was going to go gangbusters. Never did. Though the catching was a bit slow, everyone enjoyed the "sit still, and soak a line" type of fishing. With the Tuna zone we have been in the past couple of days being so far from home we opted to run East to the local small fish zone to see if we can get a quick bingo and string together a couple stops before going home to try to end it off with a big bang. Great idea, not so great result as the fish seem to have slid elsewhere. It was worth a shot anyway. We're headed home and will be coming back out for another 3 day adventure with the great anglers of Izorline.

Today's photo honors goes to long time Royal Star super fisherwoman, Jeanne Kelber. Jeanne put her time in this morning earning herself a few bites! 

I would like to thank Kevin, Co-Owner of Island Tackle for sponsoring and supporting this trip. I've said it multiple times before and I'll say it again, Island Tackle is the best tackle shop in the LA area! If you haven't been you should check them out! 

If you would like to go fishing with us please BOOK ONLINE or call (619) 224-4764 to get in on the action.

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