Fish Report for 4-11-2024

Ghostwriter Night Bite

Royal Polaris Crew

This is a lesson in perseverance paying off. I wake up each morning at 2:30 to check on the conditions and usually sacrifice a PL68 to the sharks.
This morning’s conditions looked different. The sharks were outside the light halo and skipjack were swimming through and a couple of puffers swam by.
So… I dropped one of my last jigs down and made it to the bottom. Ended up bringing up a chopa without shark intervention. So… I dropped again and hooked a decent tuna that ended up being 175#’s.
Trevan woke up a couple others and I dropped again hooking a 2nd fish while John Yamate hooked another. John’s ended up being a 180#er and mine weighed 220#’s. Good stuff by 4am!
The day was filled with good wahoo fishing mixed with drifts for tuna. The group had fun even on what seemed a slightly off day. Tomorrow is our last full day of this amazing adventure!
Ghostwriter out

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