Fish Report for 6-6-2023

JRI Start Up

Sam Moore

We departed on our JRI 7 Day with a great load of bait and happy anglers. We decided to make the move South to try our luck on Yellows to start our trip. Our first day we hosted all of our seminars and giveaways. Jerry Guzman and  Doug Delany hosted the trip and really put a show on with the amount of swag that was given away. From surface Irons to Bluefin jigs and everything in between, everyone had enough jigs to fish with on the trip. There has also been Kunde wine to pair with dinner for every night so far.

    On our arrival day we stopped at our first stop and it was a little discouraging with cold water and tough conditions. We spent little time there and decided to keep rolling down. We arrived at our second destination around lunch time and you could see life everywhere. As we put our anchor down we had a great showing on Yellows snaking around the boat. Once the anchor came tight and we were settled in it was game on. Fast and heavy action on 15-30# Yellowtail biting as good as it gets. Surface Iron, Yo Yo and fly lined baits was the key. We enjoyed the great Yellow fishing and decided to give it a go for another day. 

     Our second day of fishing was similar results. It took a little bit longer for the Yellows to find us but once they did it was game on again. As we finished up our second day we decided to pull anchor and start heading North. We will be traveling for the next couple days to put our selfs in position to try for some Bluefin at the end of our trip. We will check in later. 

Captain Sam Moore and the Intrepid Team

If you would like to go fishing with us please BOOK ONLINE or call (619) 224-4088 to get in on the action.

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