Fish Report for 3-14-2023

Day Three

Royal Polaris Crew

Hello everyone, well today the weather is just gorgeous. Sunny, clear skies, flat seas, and warm. Finally the heat has come back to the Royal Polaris. Today was spent rigging tackle. We did more wind on leaders, more wiring. Tomorrow we will be able to finish up with all the rigging. This afternoon was spent reading, playing cars and enjoying the sun on the upper deck. With one more day of traveling, our passengers are ready to rumble. So until then, good luck and good fishing. Team R/p
BeNt RoDs 4 LiFe

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Hello everyone, today the weather was beautiful, going south. Clear skies, sunny, and it's starting to warm up. Today the crew was busy getting everyone ready with kite leaders, wire leaders and asking a few wind on leaders. After everything was done, some of our passengers played a game called Becker. It gets so intense with John and Art playing, it like a skit from Saturday night live, or the two men in the balcony from the Muppets show. So...... Read More

Hello everyone, we departed on the John Collins 18 day adventure. We have a decent load of bait, and we are headed for points south. While we loaded bait, John had a raffle and lots of give aways. Prizes included packets if owner hooks, to rods, and even a few reels. John dose a charter right. Weather is great for traveling south, foggy, and a bit chilly. We will start posting photos and daily reports in our web page. So until tomorrow,...... Read More