Fish Report for 8-29-2022

Fishing Sun ☀️ up to sun ⛅️ down

Royal Polaris Crew

Day five fishing Sun up to sun down. That’s what our night was about. Once the sun went down, the Bluefin started to bite. We had a decent night on the Bluefin. Most of the fish were in the 50-80 grade, with some smaller and a few larger models. Largest fish of the night was 185 beast. We had many anglers get there personal best, but it was to cold for the Royal shower. Once sunrise, the bite disappeared and we would only get another Bluefin around 70 pounds. We are now trying to figure what to do, but we are looking forward to what the night will bring. The weather is overcast, a bit chilly, but very little wind . So until tomorrow wish us luck. Team R/p
“BeNt RoDs 4 LiFe”

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