Fish Report for 8-3-2022

Day three fishing

Royal Polaris Crew

Day three fishing. Well the beat goes on. We had limits of Yellowfin and Yellowtail today. Most of the Yellowtail were in the 15-18 pound category, with a few standouts. The Yellowfin were in the 18-35 pound range m, it was very good fishing today, just to add a dash of salt, we also had a few Wahoo in the mix. Weather continues to be excellent, with sunny skies, a slight breeze to keep the heat down. That make it nice fishing conditions. We pulled the anchor at 19:30 hours and we are now headed north, and we will travel north for a day, then finish the trip off with a few rockfish. That’s your report for today. So until tomorrow, wish us luck. Team R/p
“BeNt RoDs 4 LiFe”

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First day of fishing. It was outstanding. We started in the morning around 0700 hours and it took the fish about 30 minutes to get with it. But then it was game on. We caught our daily limits of Yellowtail, and then we trolled around for Wahoo, but it’s a bit early for them on the ridge. So Travon made the decision to make a move and try for some Grouper. We caught a handful, in the 15 to 60...... Read More