Fish Report for 6-21-2022

Catchy Tackle Returns

American Angler

The guys backed in this morning with a nice catch of beautiful Yellowtail, a couple handfuls of Bluefin - most of which were caught in the 9th inning and a few other varieties to add some color.

Thanks to Jeff Martin who stepped in for John Grindley this season and to all the anglers who joined the trip.  We  are grateful for our regulars and happy to meet anglers new to the American Angler on this one.

Congratulations to our jackpot winners - they worked hard for these fish

1st place Rick Garcia 108#

2nd place Randy Foliente 99#

3rd place Juan Valdez 95#

Turn around for Kadota's 8 day and a couple days of travel to relax, reconnect or connect for thie first time, anticipate and prepare! 

If you would like to go fishing with us please BOOK ONLINE or call (619) 223-5414to get in on the action.

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