Fish Report for 5-23-2022

School fish

Tim Ekstrom

A good start to the day set us in search mode that led to a lot of water passing under the hull between ten and dark. Aside from a couple of slump busting short stops the bigger models sought avoided us. Closing out the voyage freighting sufficient quantity to claim victory we were shy of the platinum category missing on trophy bluefin altogether. 
And that's how spoiled we have become. What an incredible fishery that has developed over the past five years. Needless to say we haven't heard many whisperings from those longing for the "good old days" of late. In fact none at all. 
Heading out tomorrow on the first of our only two 1.5 day voyages of the 2022 season we'll see what the fish gods have in store. It feels like a transition for the better is in the making. Time will tell... Enjoy the final image from the voyage featuring angler Michael Skinner and newest addition to our crew Jonathon Levanson with a nice school size bluefin landed during an extended morning drift. 
A final shout out to charter master extraordinaire Larry Brown and Nomad lures for the "MadMac'" and "Ridge Back" lures that are the latest additions to their highly effective product line. They both worked great!

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