Fish Report for 12-4-2021

Trying Something New

Royal Polaris Crew

Hello everyone; Not much to report today, we tried a lot of new spots, caught some Sierra Mackerel, Pargo, Grouper, Dorado, and school size Yellowfin tuna.

We even went close to the beach and tried our luck at some Halibuts. We had one bite on a Halibut, but my buddy Dan missed it, drinking a beer. We traveled up the coast looking at different areas, hoping to find a pot of gold, but the only thing we could find was Yellowfin tuna, and yes close to the beach.

We are almost at our limits for Yellowfin, so many were released back to the ocean. Weather continues to be good, 8 to 12 knots of breeze, sunny and warm. We are moving up the coast looking for some Yellowtail, and hopefully find something to stop on today. So, with that note, we will close for now. So, wish us luck Team R/p.

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