Fish Report for 7-20-2021

Guadalupe Time

Tim Ekstrom

As a preface to today’s admin announcement a sincere extension of gratitude to the Government of Mexico is warranted for allowing our fleet continued access to Isla Guadalupe. It is an amazing, one of a kind, fishing destination that completely encapsulates the spirit of long range fishing. 

Prime time for the Isla Guadalupe season is now upon us. Reports of incredible sign and action on premium grade yellowfin tuna are already out. As such we are gearing up to begin our regular runs to the island. 

There are some big changes, namely in island access fees, that will now accompany any voyages to Isla Guadalupe. The new daily fees of $1500 pesos per day per angler are written in to Mexican Law. Depending on exchange rates (approximately 19 pesos to one US dollar) this works out to between $75 and $85 U.S. dollars per day per angler. Combined with the approximately $125 U.S. dollars per angler customs clearance fees that have always been associated with Guadalupe voyages the total additional cost for anglers on voyages to Isla Guadalupe could total up to $500 - $600 U.S. dollars. This amount will be reduced if the number of days spent at Isla Guadalupe is less than the anticipated four or five. 

While the increase in the daily use fee is extreme to say the least we still feel that the incredible benefits of fishing potential and access to Isla Guadalupe are well worth the investment. Regardless of our sentiments the resource is Mexico’s to manage and provide access as they see fit. For certain we will be far more judicious in our assessment of the fishing at the island opting to target other zones if and when the fishing falls short.

As for the decision to target Isla Guadalupe Captains will make the call on a trip by trip basis. Our current recommendation to all Royal Star anglers booked on upcoming voyages of five days or more is to prepare to visit Isla Guadalupe. If the Captain on your voyage chooses another destination it will save you the additional costs associated with Isla Guadalupe runs.

As always please feel free to call our office to discuss. Tracy, Randy, Brian, or I will be happy to share the information we have. Enjoy today’s image of what I have many a time called “a fisherman’s paradise”. It is true.

If you would like to go fishing with us please BOOK ONLINE or call (619) 224-4764 to get in on the action.

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