Fish Report for 4-21-2021

Ray with his personnel best Bluefin tuna
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Royal Polaris Sportfishing


Royal Polaris Crew

Oh what a night. The bite started at 0230 and after 4 hours of epic Bluefin tuna fishing. We had daily limits of Bluefin. Most of the fish were in the 120 to 150 pound, a few in the 160 to 195 range and 4 over 200 pounds. Largest fish was caught by Eric Thomas, on a glow in the dark flat fall. All the fish were caught on some type of lure that sinks, the Daiwa Saltiga SK Jig, the Shimano Flat fall, and the knife jig. All caught fish tonight. Most of the crew is sleeping, as well as our passengers. We are going to start up again around 12:00 hours and try for some rockfish. We had 17 personnel best this morning, and Jim Woody, caught his first Bluefin tuna, and it was over 150 pounds. So that’s our report for today, and will be our last report until after maintenance. It’s that time of year again. So until fingers and keyboard meet again. Good luck and good fishing. Team R/P

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