Fish Report for 4-13-2021

Photo Credit: courtesy of Royal Polaris Sport fishing

Wahoo and Giant Tuna

Royal Polaris Crew

Good morning everyone; Reporting from the Royal Polaris. The weather continues to be excellent, with a slight breeze, sunny, and warm. Things changed a little bit today, the Wahoo made a showing for us, with 56 Wahoo being caught, but with that the Yellowfin tuna fishing has slowed a bit. Most of the Wahoo were all good size, up to 55 pounds. The Yellowfin were in the 80 to 120 pound category. We didn't catch any fish over 200 pounds today, but you could see them chasing flying fish off the bank. We will give it another try tomorrow, before deciding on what is next. I will try to post some photos tonight, but our WIFI service has been acting up, again. So until next time, good luck and good fishing. Team R/p.

"BeNt RoDs 4 LiFe"

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What a day we had. The big boys showed up, and the tax man let us fish. Big fish honors goes out to Rick Allen, with a giant Yellowfin tuna, that topped the scale at 398 pounds. Just a beautiful fish. Rick was using a puffer fish, that one of the Yellowfin had just been flushed out. This is Rick’s second 300 pounder for the trip. We also had 3 other fish over 200 pounds. Tom Newman, with a 254,...... Read More

Hello everyone; Well today was a very slow day for us. We only caught a handful of Wahoo and one Yellowfin tuna. Lucky angler today was Rick Allen. Rick was on the kite, when this giant inhaled his flying fish. After a 45 minute battle, the battle was over, and it tipped the scale at 308 pounds. Way to go Rick. That would be our only bite on the kite. As I’m writing this report, we are getting our live flyers...... Read More