Fish Report for 1-13-2021

Photo Credit: Matt Kaullen


Matt Kaullen

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HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! We are out for 16 days on the John Collins Invitational and as always John brought some great gear to raffle off. We have been traveling down rigging up for what’s to come. The guys have stayed busy making top shots learning new connections and of course telling fishing tales. We still have a ways to go and we are anticipating for some hot action. The weather is great thus far and we will check in again...... Read More

Hello Independence Friends, As we come to a close on 2020 thankfully, we start anew in 2021. If you asked me at the start of 2020 what are the 10 things that could be the biggest challenges to our fishing season, a pandemic would not have been on my long list of challenges that could have disrupted the  2020 Sportfishing season! With all the challenges we have gone through in the past, recessions, huge fuel price increases, poor oceanic conditions, bad...... Read More