Fish Report for 10-24-2020

Photo Credit: Royal Star Crew


Tim Ekstrom

The quantity and variety categories well satisfied we passed the final day in near sole pursuit of jumbo grade bluefin. Not that we would have snubbed our noses at any good size fish brave enough to latch on to our lines but we didn't target smaller models intentionally. A fine deuce at 228, a handful of 120's - 170's, and one behemoth that weighed in at a whopping 376 were the reward. What an incredible fish, stunningly beautiful, that made quite an impression. Between the epic battle waged and final, white kuckle minutes when the denizen was so close, so huge, and still so far from vanquished, the moment of truth was a massive victory for all. Everyone on board was emotionaly invested in the outcome. Victory was sweet; and set a tone of successs no matter production thereafter. Pat Moorehouse was the triumphant angler earning respect and admiration in the process. As I mentioned this beautiful Pacific Bluefin Tuna was hard earned. Pat and the boys did a exemplary job from start to finish. In grease calm seas we called it a voyage reveling in the satisfaction of our exceptional fishing fortunes. From beginning to end this was one of those rare voyages that yielded success at every turn. In the closing presentation I mentioned that this voyage earned a true ten points out of ten. Not by accident this group of exceptional individuals contributed in every positive way possible. Many thanks to Charter Master Andrew Hampton who invested no small amount of time into keeping this voyage on the rails in the face of genuine challenge this year. Our appreciation can not be expressed strongly enough. Next season hosts the 20th annual Humboldt Fishin' Lumberjack voyage. We already look forward to opportunity to fish together again. Thank you!!

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