Fish Report for 8-28-2020

BIg Fish Parade

American Angler

Curtis Rosenthal charter had a memorable trip - the only thing missing was their fearless leader, Mr Bob Hara, who will be back next season with bells on.  Bob sent a shout out to his posse that we'd would like to share:

Good Morning Gang
Well it looks like another great trip for the Memory Books!  Congratulations to you guys!!
 I wanted to Thank You all for participating in the Annual 3 Day.  Some of you knew I was staying off the trip this year, and I know it was a surprise to the rest.  With a few of my family members with pre-existing conditions, I made the decision to skip all of my overnight trips for the 2020 Season.  As Brian and I discussed a few months ago, it is better to be responsible and not have your family tweak and worry while you are on the trip.  The Haras are all healthy and staying Safe and Somewhat Sane (if you know what I mean)  Life is Good!
Day Trips – This year I have been fishing day trips with Winger on the Aloha Spirit, and getting out with a Good Friend for day trips out of San Pedro to fish SBI Catalina and San Clemente Island.    
I understand Matt Stoney has plans for me and Greg to give the Sword Fish Deep Drop a try later this year.
Lori asked me if I was disappointed not being on the trip.  My only disappointment was not seeing my friends and experience the Good Times watching the group catch Trophy Grade Fish. 
Stoney did keep me in the know sending me texts and photos on the haps of the adventure.
There will be more trips in the future and I plan to be back to share the rail with the group.  I always feel very blessed to have a great group of people who come on this trip year after year. 
Fishing trips are dime a dozen.  Friends and Great Relationships are Priceless. 
Thank you Lori, Ray, Brian and the Crew for always being there for us.  Again Big Thanks to all of you for making 2020 a memorable Trip.
Have a Great Weekend All!


The office couldn't resist posting weights - Dave C 146, Salas 178 & 142, Gary B 216.5 & 123.5,Dan K 157, Bill R 139, Dan K Jr 160, Marianne R 142 & 160, Kevin C 164, Billy M 160, Paul C 160, Steve R 165, Mike B 142, Galen 155, C-rad 169, Dave S 144, Doug C 139, John T 158.5, Adrian C 142, Greg S 148, Randy D 151, Matt S 138, Kieron 158

Nice Everyone - this cohesive group is a collection of some of the friendliest folks around and we already can't wait to see you next year

If you would like to go fishing with us please BOOK ONLINE or call (619) 223-5414to get in on the action.

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