Fish Report for 8-11-2020

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Royal Polaris Sportfishing

Another Fine Day

Royal Polaris Crew

Hello everyone;    

Well let’s talk about our day, first the weather, was just perfect.  Until about noon, then it got hot.  But that’s ok, because the fishing also was hot and heavy.  With the weather being as nice as it is, and fishing being very good, the only other thing you could ask for is good food, and boy that’s on the table also.  We had another good day of Yellowtail and Yellowfin tuna, with some Dorado mixed in. 

The Yellowtail are the highlight of the trip so far, and numbers and size are very good.  Most of the Yellowtail were in the 20 to 30 pound range, with a handful of 15 to 20 pound fish mixed in.  The Yellowfin are in the 12 to 18 pound range, with some going over 30 pounds.  It was about the same as yesterday, Yo-yo, fly-line sardines, sliding sinker, and dropper-loop.  We caught our first Wahoo of the trip, with some Grouper mixed in as well. 

With fishing being this good, I’m sure we will have some company soon, but that’s ok.  We two days down, and two to go.  Don’t know if we will stay the whole trip, only time will tell.  So until tomorrow, wish  us luck.  Team R/p

If you would like to go fishing with us please BOOK ONLINE or call (619) 226-8092 to get in on the action.

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