Fish Report for 6-28-2020

Family trip returns

American Angler

What a great trip, fishing wise and people wise.  Limits of yellowtail - average 12-15# and bluefin average 25# with a couple of stand outs

Congrats KC Brotherton for your 70# jp fish !!!

More pictures to post later but for now see KC and his big fish of the day and 9 year old Maya Casey reminding us to honor what we take from the ocean

Back out tonight with another 1.5 - we're loving being back on the water.

The Guys

We owe an enormous amount of gratitude to Alayna Siddal, our SAC biologist, along with SAC, who has worked hard for over 6 years now to create a realistic stock assessment.  This data is the reason we have been allowed to continue fishing bluefin and the American Angler is honored to be a part of this research.  Thank you!! 

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