Fish Report for 4-9-2020

Photo Credit: team Searcher

Searcher Tackle Tip Thursday!

Team Searcher

Today is Tackle Tip Thursday! Today we have Captain Art giving us a great Tackle Tip for you. Did you miss our Tackle Talk Live? We have the full video posted just click here. Here is some of the knots Captain Art went over in our Tackle Talk Live. He walks us through how to tie a Surgeon’s Knot. (Monofilament “mono” to fluorocarbon connection knot.) He also shows us the “Improved Clinch” Knot. Perfect for hooking monofilament aka “mono” to your circle hook. Great for getting your hook back in the water.

Thank you so much Captain Art! 🎣 Reel in more Tackle Tips here!

Searcher Sportfishing Captains Art Taylor and Mike Todter are ready to take you fishing! 2020 trips are open for booking, so don’t miss out. BOOK ONLINE. For all things Searcher visit our WEBSITE. Questions? EMAIL or give us a call at (619) 226-2403. See you aboard!

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