Fish Report for 2-14-2020

Happy Valentine's Day

Sam Moore

We are making our way North and made a few stops and picked up some Yellowtail. Chef Terry has been preparing the seafood buffet for the past couple days and we are all excited to sample it. Everyone wanted to wish there loved ones at home a Happy Valentines Day and here is what they had to say.

Larry Higashi- Happy Valentines's Day to Katsuko & Sally. Love Doob

Ron Huth- Happy Valentine's Day to Dolores my loving wife and to the other girls in my life Tina & Robin

Al Murray- Happy Valentine's Day Tammy, Lily and Emily. Love you, Al

Rick Cha- Happy Valentine to Jeanne, Love Yah

John Bradford- Happy Valentine's Day Carol! Love You!

Jack-e- Dearest Kathleen, won't you be my valentine?

Jim Bombaci- Happy Valentine's Day! I love you, Bunny.

John Todd- Happy V-Day Patty. Love and miss you sweetie!

Phil Williams- Happy Valentine's Day baby see you in a few days. Love Phil

Tony Garza- Love You Baby, Happy V' Day

Ken Houser- Kathy: I love you more!

Edward- I love you wifey! Happy Valentine's Day

Big Al- Happy Valentine's Day

Adolfo- Happy Valentine's Day Bree, JJ, Jazlynn and Sky! One more trip and I'll be home.

Sam- Happy Valentines Day Tabitha! I love you!!!!

Kevin- Love You Bird! Happy Valentines Day, Love Kevlar

We are making our way North in flat calm weather and we are going to fish a little more before calling it a trip. We will check in later.

Captain Sam Moore and the Intrepid Team

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