Fish Report for 1-27-2020

Play It Again

Royal Polaris Crew

Hello everyone;  

Well it happened again, another great day on the ocean.  We had steady action today, with the fish being a bit larger.  Largest Yellowfin caught today was 225, and the lucky angler was Robert Deloach.  Robert would like to send a big shout out to his family, (Julie, Andrew, Katte, Ashley, Levi, Teagan, Ella Anne, Wyatt, Agustus) wish you were here, having a great time. 

Most of the Yellowfin today were in the 80 to 120 pound range, with a good about in the 120 range.  Weather continues to be excellent, with 10 to 12 knots of breeze, overcast skies, and warm. 

I don’t know what the future will bring, but I’ll take another two weeks of this any day.  We are only on day three of fishing, and some of our anglers are converting back to their childhood days, taking naps in the middle of the day, and enjoying the weather. 

Some of our new anglers asked me today, is it always like this, you gotta love the first timers.  So until tomorrow, wish us luck.  Team R/p.

If you would like to go fishing with us please BOOK ONLINE or call (619) 226-8092 to get in on the action.

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