Fish Report for 1-13-2020

Hoping for a big finish

Ray Lopez

Everything has been near perfect the last couple of days, all that is except one key ingredient....biting fish.  We have had plenty to look at but boy has it been tough to get a bite and it has not been for lack of  trying as all have worked their butts off trying to turn it around.  We have one last stab at it tomorrow and are hoping to finish it off with a bang.

The Guys

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Blessed with more favorable fishing conditions and we managed to scratch and claw throughout the day for decent action.  You had to work hard for a bite, but the opportunities were with us all day, it was just a matter of having a line in the water.  Still with plenty of time, we are going to continue to hit it hard and hope for the best. All is well The Guys ...... Read More

Between windy conditions and another of mother nature's adversity, things played out a little differently today.  It was not for lack of sign but just one of those days, but we were still able to scratch fish throughout the day and are hoping to get this out of our system.   The Guys   ...... Read More