Fish Report for 1-10-2020

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Royal Polaris

Keeping Up

Royal Polaris Crew

Hello everyone;  

Well weather is changing a bit, with more wind, but still very comfortable.  As for fishing, it was a slow morning, but steady afternoon for our anglers.  Most of the Yellowfin were in the 70 to 120 pound range, and the Wahoo fishing has slowed a bit, but we spent more time fishing Yellowfin today. 

Stand out fish today was caught by Ron Watanabe, caught on the kite.  Ron’s fish was estimated around 150 pounds.  We are still waiting for our first Cow of the season, hopefully soon coming. 

Conditions are good, so may be tomorrow, so wish us luck.  Team R/p

“BeNt rods 4 LiFe”

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