Fish Report for 11-18-2019

Big ones

Tim Ekstrom

A big change today in the weather and fishing. Very good morning action on 85 - 125 pound yellowfin was the highlight; most were 110 - 120. Very good sign of this size fish in multiple zones suggests more to come. Morning was the time as the fish were bunched and in a biting mood. Sticking with the boat and “plunking” after the initial hit the pace was ideal for success. Afternoon was wholly different. The fish were spread out for miles along the edge and reluctant to bite. A few here and there were still hooked; the game wasn’t over, but landing them on 50 pound fluorocarbon in sloppy seas courtesy of 20 - 30 knots of breeze was far more challenging than in the morning calm. After noon I’m afraid the fish won, by a significant margin. 

We got our licks in during the morning though. Thoroughly satisfied with the overall results that totaled almost one and a half around we hunkered down for the night riding out driving rain and howling wind. In the protection of the blessed island lee the huffing and puffing going on around us was only that. With plenty of anchor chain and rope deployed to maintain a firm hold on the bottom everyone enjoyed a delightfully calm ride. Far more favorable conditions are forecast to return tomorrow. Regardless we’ll be here to give it another go. Man the grade of this fish is beautiful. Wow. Clarion north. 

Photo today features master long range angler and Royal Star uber veteran John Stuemke with one of his “average” 115 pounders. Yes sir!

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