Fish Report for 9-13-2019

Trip of a lifetime

American Angler

This eclectic group of folks took in a lot of eye candy this trip....The massive bluefin did lose a couple of pounds when it came home (see scale pic) and ended up a 325.8#.  The 112# Opah looked like it was still swimming with so many colors still intact and when the guys hit it with the hose - scales came off like shiny glitter.  

A big thanks to Mike Naoe and Mike Groe for their generous contributions and this trip was a winner people wise and fishing wise so when it comes online this weekend - there are a handful of spots if you'd like to join the adventure next season to see if lightening strikes twice!

Thanks to all onboard!

American Angler

If you would like to go fishing with us please BOOK ONLINE or call (619) 223-5414to get in on the action.

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