Fish Report for 8-18-2019

Derby style

Tim Ekstrom

Not a bad beginning on the outside amidst excellent sign of beautiful grade yellowfin tuna. By any measure this afternoon the island did not disappoint. It was a beautiful day. Conditions were ideal, the fish were up and showing, the scenery was spectacular - sublime, for real. That said it didn’t come easy. We wrangled and tangled our way through demo derby style action prompted by dastardly denizens intent upon stealing our glory. They gained a little traction at first but we quickly switched gears and shifted the momentum in our favor. In the end we won. The big mokes still sulked around and flexed their muscles but that was all. Such is their nature.

Settled in for now we’ll see what tomorrow brings. The abundance of sign has us feeling optimistic. But we are not taking anything for granted.  Photo today features long time Royal Star friend and angler Eric Dahlkamp getting his trip started right.

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