Fish Report for 10-22-2012

Good effort

American Angler

After we got some of the sweat off yesterday,today we set our goals a little higher and tried for trophies. We began our day with good reports from our new area, and our hopes became even higher when we boated a 53# right at daylight. With a few more bites, for heartbreaking it turns out, today was not our day for trophies.
Being geared up properly is key when fishing bigger fish and boy did some of these bites put our 50# gear to the test. And even though we had a tough day on the hook-to-land ratio, we did manage to have a nice sprinkling of good grade yellowtail and dorado all through the day to keep our spirits up and at the rail.
We still have plenty of time in the trip, so we're relocating and staying positive.
Seasoned veteran, Bill Randall, poses with his 53# yellowfin which turned out to be one of two bigger tuna we landed today.


The Guys


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