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Accurate Sponsored 15 Day

Nice travel so far on our way down. This Accurate sponsored 15 day fly home fishing trip is on the go! Made a quick stop for wahoo for dinner and a few small tuna for Poke tomorrow afternoon. Good weather as
(More...) (Monday, November 27, 2023)

Wahoo Fishing

by TEAM SUPREME / Polaris Supreme
Arrived at our destination yesterday morning and have been focusing our efforts on Wahoo fishing. We've scratched away at a nice grade, but the tax man is taking his share. We are hoping for a reprieve tomorrow.  We have some space
(More...) (Monday, November 27, 2023)

Boat Sponsors


by ALEX NATIPADAB / Royal Star Sportfishing
"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result" -Albert Einstein. Today we applied the same hard effort, determination, and approach. Today we were successful, rewarded with our daily limit. The same theories
(More...) (Monday, November 27, 2023)

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Yoshida Custom Rods

by ALEX NATIPADAB / Royal Star Sportfishing
We departed yesterday on our first annual Yoshida Custom Rods 3 day charter. With the local waters cooling off all the time now this time of year; we are focusing on Bluefin Tuna. The first day was spent searching through the
(More...) (Sunday, November 26, 2023)

Landing Sponsors

Nov 18 (Nov 14-22) 8-day Limited Load

by TEAM SEARCHER / Searcher Sportfishing
Good evening anglers, We drove back up 150 miles last night and this morning, and stopped on a big breezer of 30-50# yellowfin and it was about as good as it gets. They were biting on 100# in the corner. Pretty
(More...) (Thursday, November 23, 2023)

Before Thanksgiving Trip

by AMERICAN ANGLER / American Angler Sportfishing
A huge thanks to everyone on this trip and looking forward to seeing most of you next year!  Appreciate the pictures gathered dockside Happy Thanksgiving 🦃🍁!!
(More...) (Wednesday, November 22, 2023)

Testimony of perseverance

by ALEX NATIPADAB / Royal Star Sportfishing
To call the last couple days of Bluefin fishing a "grind" would be a true understatement. One thing we all know about the darn Bluefin is that the only thing that's consistent about Bluefin fishing is inconsistency! After a hot
(More...) (Tuesday, November 21, 2023)

1.5 return today

The 1.5 return today with happy anglers. Great time out on the water
(More...) (Tuesday, November 21, 2023)

Fish Processors

Hoos Tuna Run and Gun 15 day Return

by SAM MOORE / Intrepid Sportfishing
Wrapping up of Hoos Tuna Run and Gun 15 day. No sign of bigger yellowfin any the lower banks for 3 days of covering ground and searching. So the last part of the trip we enjoyed the baja coast and
(More...) (Tuesday, November 21, 2023)

10 Day Open Limited Load Jackpot Winners

by BRIAN PIFER / Independence Sportfishing
1st Ken Price 41lb Wahoo 1st Luke Burson 41lb Yellowfin 1st Marc Flores 41lb Wahoo Good going, everyone and thank you for a great trip
(More...) (Monday, November 20, 2023)

Wrapping up our 10 Day Open Limited Load

by BRIAN PIFER / Independence Sportfishing
We are wrapping up our 10 Day Open Limited Load. We came up to this bluefin zone hoping to catch a few big ones but wasn't able to connect. Maybe we were a day late or mother nature just has
(More...) (Sunday, November 19, 2023)

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