Fish Report for 10-15-2017

Right Start

Tim Ekstrom

A fine beginning to our fishing time in “The Crucible” with an afternoon show on tuna that clearly established what we are working toward. Steady fishing with little interference gave way to a regulation rodeo late when the offensive local hooligans arrived to claim their percentage. But, despite their best efforts to rain on our parade, the event was clearly scored in our favor. And admittedly it adds large to the flavor of this destination. Regardless of the frustration losing a few beauties elicits the sight of those huge tanks cruising with impunity one can not help but admire.


Twenty nice tuna and a surprise wahoo now reside in the RSW tank providing a perfect foundation for round two tomorrow; if meant to be. Every day is different, and presents new challenges, so nothing is taken for granted. Knowing this we are locked and loaded tuning up our already well tested equipment with new top shots, connections, etc. That is the current key to success around here to be sure. Considering all of the obstacles in these precincts one must be dedicated to perfection in tackle and rigging. We are putting all of the equipment under stress that most would consider impossible without witnessing first hand. And it works - most of the time. And when it does not so be it. We would much rather send a fish back to it’s routine with a sore mouth than feed it to an undeserving brute.


Photos today feature Royal Star friend and long time veteran angler Dr. Stuart Exall with his 144 pound beauty hauled through the gauntlet at sundown. The second image features Alejandro Campillo and Diego with a surprise wahoo picked off at the end of the day amidst steady tuna action.



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