Fish Report for 10-14-2017

Perfect Bait

Tim Ekstrom

We did the extreme turn around today passing through our home port of San Diego in the blink of an eye, grabbing our next group of eager anglers, and heading south with a load of bait on board unrivaled in perfection. On that note it’s a great moment to offer recognition to Everingham Brothers Bait Company for another year of beautiful live sardines delivered to the San Diego sport fishing fleet. From the ownership to the young men on the receivers it is impossible to recall a better year when it comes to the single most important component of success in this fishery.

Live bait is the conduit to apex gamefish in our region. What it requires to consistently deliver and maintain premium quality live bait to this fleet is no small feat. Facing challenges a few years back the ownership and management at Everingham stepped up big time investing capital and innovative ideas that are directly responsible for the almost unbelievable quality and quantity of live sardines made available to San Diego recreational anglers this season. A big thank you goes out to Everingham Brothers from us in recognition and appreciation of a job well done!

On to fishing we are heading southwest again seeking quality on this signature Royal Star Saturday to Saturday seven day voyage. Hosting a group of seasoned anglers, and a few new to this fishery, we are committed to the island on this run seeking that distinct form of long range fishing available no where else in the world.

On an admin note I want to encourage all prospective anglers to take note of the December Royal Star seven day voyages specifically designed to take advantage of this trophy yellowfin and yellowtail fishing at Guadalupe Island. Historically that time of year has been very productive and there seems to be far less predation by the locals as the season winds down. We currently have plenty of space on both voyages beckoning to adventurers looking for a late season shot on trophy yellowfin closer to home. Give Tracy or Brian a call in the office if you are interested or book on line!

Photo today features another beauty courtesy of ISSF and photographer John Muir who captured this image inside the sack of soon to become canned skipjack and yellowfin tuna.

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