Fish Report for 10-16-2017

Clarion North

Tim Ekstrom

Checking in from Clarion north. Again one can not help but marvel at the quality and quantity of yellowfin tuna in this paradise. The vast majority of tuna landed today were north of 100#’s with plenty in the 130 pound and larger range. Incredible. Opportunity of this caliber is extraordinary - very special. Add in the destination itself and I can not conjure a better set up for the avid recreational tuna fisherman.

Grease calm seas, perfect fishing conditions, spectacular scenery both above and below the surface - these conditions combined today in that rare window of near perfection we perpetually seek. It was so fantastic that nitpicking for deficiencies would be criminal, so I won’t. Suffice it to say that all are nursing some sore hands and muscles as landing these spirited yellowfin by methods we have adapted to this setting requires nothing less than iron will and brute strength. Perfectly matched tackle is key also - big line and bigger hooks to maximize opportunities.

29 of these beauties made it on board today. Many more were involuntarily liberated by the force necessary to yard these big fish through the gauntlet. And those lost to hook pulls and chew offs are well worth it; they are far better off freed than becoming the blue plate special. We roll into day two at the island satisfied but not finished by a long shot. Admittedly the fire has been tamped down a bit, reefing on big tuna for multiple hours has a way of doing that to even the most passionate hard chargers, but we are no less determined to make the most of the next opportunity because of it. “Make hay while the sun shines” I believe is the saying. And shine it does here and now.

Photo today features first time Royal Star angler completely new to this style of fishing Salvador Garza with his first jumbo of the voyage weighing in at 144 pounds.

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